ATbar Tzafrir, Eliezer (Geizi)

Tzafrir, Eliezer (Geizi)

Mr. Eliezer (Geizi) Tzafrir ia a Former Senior Official in the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shabak) and Mossad. He served as an Advisor on Arab Affairs to the Prime Minister and (among other positions) as the former head of Mossad Stations in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran, and Lebanon. A longlife personal experience in Arab and Middle-Eastern affairs with close watch against the Axis of Evil and terror, lately in light of the "Arab Spring".

Since retirement, he is active in writing books, commentary articles and media interviews, and speaking to various forums in Israel and abroad. Finally, Geizi is Associate at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) at IDC Herzliya and serve as a consultant to various security companies.


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