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Iranian Threat Network and the Export of the Islamic Revolution


The Iranian Threat Network (ITN) is comprised of entities operating in the regional and international arenas.[1] It contains a wide array of actors and serves Iran as a strategic tool to promote its interests.


Writers: Dr. Eitan Azani, Mrs. Lorena Atiyas-Lvovsky, Mr. Danny Citrinowicz, Ms. Dafna Messing

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Fabricated Martyrs: The Warrior-Saint Icons of Far-Right Terrorism

Martyrdom has historically been an important part of underground movements. Martyrs have been utilized as such in propaganda and messaging campaigns in a variety of fashions. This began by expressing one’s willingness to sacrifice him or herself for one’s faith, and eventually began to be associated with death on the battlefield
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Window of Opportunity Towards Iranian Regime Closes for President Trump

Article by ICT Associates Lt. Col. (Res.) Doron Hadar, Commander of the Chief of Staff Negotiations Unit, IDF and Lt. Col. (Res.) Avi Kalo, former Head of Hostage Affairs Department, IDF
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ISIS’ Threat Assessment to Israel

This document will examine the main messages coming from al-Muhajir Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi's speech and the responses it received from ISIS supporters. Additionally, the document will present insights gleaned from that speech compared to previous speeches made by senior ISIS members
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Far Right Terrorism: Similarities and Differences vs. Islamic Terrorism


In recent decades the Salafi Jihadist terrorism has been perceived as the most threatening one to the culture, interests and the lives of western communities as it stems from irreconcilable culture clash that per the Salafi belief cannot co-exist (Bakker, 2006).

Article by Ronen H.

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