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The Cyber Desk Review is a periodic report and analysis that addresses two main subjects: cyber-terrorism (offensive, defensive, and the media, and the main topics of jihadist discourse); and cyber-crime, whenever and wherever it is linked to jihad (funding, methods of attack). The Cyber Desk Review addresses the growing significance that cyberspace plays as a battlefield in current and future conflicts, as shown in the recent increase in cyber-attacks on political targets, crucial infrastructure, and the Web sites of commercial corporations.

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ICT Cyber-Desk Review: Report #30

This report covers the period of January-March 2019.
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IRGC Cyber-Warfare Capabilities


The cyber domain is composed of cellular technologies, space-based communications, and intranets, in addition to the internet of networked computers. Cyberspace often has a physical infrastructure layer which is dictated by the financial laws of rival capitals along with partisan laws of control and self-governing jurisdiction.

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ICT Cyber-Desk Review: Report #28

This report covers the period of July-September 2018.
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ICT Cyber-Desk Report: Chinese Hacker Groups

Chinese hacker groups have become professional, strategic, and operate with improved tactics. They once were considered very bold with little regard for operational security, but now they are strategically controlled.
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ICT Cyber-Desk Report: Kybernetiq

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