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Experts at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism Discuss: Operation “Northern Shield”

Operation “Northern Shield” – Risks and Prospects
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Experts from the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism Discuss


The Implications of Trump’s Withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement on Terrorism in the Region

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When Theory Meets Practice: Proportionality in Targeted Killings


Targeted killing is a prominent, yet highly controversial tactic used by nation states in modern warfare against terrorism.

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Central Asia Jihadism: Home and Abroad


The rapid rise of Central Asian jihadists both on Syrian battlefields and on the international scene in 2016 and especially in 2017 forced researchers to reconsider and renew the notion of the radical Islamic threat coming from the region. The paper examines the historical background which paved the way for the rise of local jihadism, the roots, nature and specifics of the Central Asian foreign fighters phenomenon, as well as current trends and risks for international and national security.

Authored by: Dr. Alisa Fainberg and Dr. Eitan Azani

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Sustainable Stability in the Middle East: A Governance Structure Built on Civil Society


In this time of international, national and interpersonal conflicts where bombast and vagaries are the norm, we need specific, actionable solutions for global problems. We suggest that sustainable stability in the Middle East is possible through a process that calls on regional integration through a governance structure crafted primarily by civil society, i.e., the private sector, professional societies, academics and NGOs, not by national governments. Our proposed governance structure is built on commonalities, on the universal concepts and principles of fairness and the benefits to society through progress in science, technology, medicine, education and the arts.  

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