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No Friends Left to Lose: Reassessing the United States’ Strategy in Egypt


Egypt’s interim government now contends with an unhinged and disgruntled Muslim Brotherhood protesting throughout the country, an increasingly violent Jihadist insurgency from the Sinai Peninsula, a US-backed military that carries out fierce crackdowns on dissent, a disorganized and fractured assortment of secular parties who share a mutual distrust of the Islamist opposition, and a severely crippled economy. The Islamists, disillusioned with democracy after the July 2013 coup, are a strong and uncooperative constituency which will nonetheless be necessary for any future government to be considered inclusive and pluralistic. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is financially assisting an unruly Egyptian military, attempting to court an Islamist population that has turned their backs on the US, and failing to broker political negotiations towards peaceful reconciliation. This paper examines the conflict in Egypt and offers a strategic shift for the United States in the pivotal coming years.

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