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Hezbollah & Iran in Latin America – A Threat Just Beneath the Surface


This article provides an in depth analysis of Hezbollah & Iranian activities in Latin America, with specific attention to Mexico. The article outlines a recent historic trend by Hezbollah and Iran in the region and highlights the growing relationship between Hezbollah, Iran and Mexican drug cartels such as the Los Zetas. The article first examines a number of individual case studies in order to show the complexity of Hezbollah and Iranian activities in Latin America as well as their potential implications for United States homeland security. The article utilizes an abundance of primary source documents as well as secondary sources in order to show just how deep the activities of Hezbollah and Iran run in Mexico and greater Latin America. The article then discusses the issue of illicit financial transactions as an integral part of the overall activities taking place in Latin America. Finally, the article highlights dissenting opinions concerning the aforementioned issues. The article concludes with a brief commentary on the aforementioned cases and their possible impact for the greater Western Hemisphere.

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