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Sendero Luminoso: Insurgency resurgent?

After a long hiatus, the Peruvian Marxist group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) appears to be staging a come-back. The organization carried out two violent attacks against military forces and civilians earlier this month. This was followed by an incursion into a mining camp which netted the militants enough explosives to carry out a renewed bombing campaign.
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Al Qaida: A reflection of Globalization?

Almost every aspect of international terrorism—from the make-up of terror organizations, to their tactics, to their overall goals—has undergone major changes over the past two decades. A case can be made that these changes stem from the “globalization” of terrorism.
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Basque separatist group ETA declares “permanent ceasefire”


In a video statement shown on national television and distributed to the Basque media, ETA said it "has decided to declare a permanent cease fire as of March 24, 2006." The announcement brings a close to one of Western Europe's last active armed separatist movements.

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Islamic Radicals in the UK


Experts have long contended that the UK is a safe haven for radical Islamic terror networks, which exploit British freedoms to further their goals. Britain has in the past upheld the rights of individuals, including the right of radical individuals to orchestrate the eradication of the rights of their opponents.

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Shiite Groups and Factions Iraq - Primary Threats to Reconstruction, Part 2


The collapse of the Baathist regime has opened the way for Iraq's Shiite's to come into their own politically. However, while the secular Shiites are still in a majority numerically, it is the religious Shiite parties and militias that have stepped in to fill the power vacuum, especially in the sacred cities. Almost immediately after the fall of the Baathist regime, Shiite militias took advantage of the lack of US military presence in Shiite-majority cities to take complete control in these areas.

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