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Which side is limited?

The concept of “low intensity conflict” (LIC) - lack of relevancy in a changing Middle-Eastern geopolitical reality.
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Saddam Hussein’s execution and the sanctions imposed on Iran as catalysts for regional instability


Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging on 30/12/2006. The execution was supervised by representatives of the current Iraqi government and was led by representatives of the American forces in Iraq. Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq between the years 1979 – 2003 and was considered to be an especially cruel ruler. He implemented violent repression and responded with executions for every attempt to harm him or his regime. 

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He's Only a Dog: "The Oppposite Motivation" and My Private War Against Terrorism


As an officer in the I.D.F., Maj. Blizblau was injured in January 2005 during a suicide bomb attack in the Gaza Strip and as a result lost his eyesight. Since then, he has completed the Staff and Command course of the I.D.F. ground forces and is currently a research fellow at ICT.

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