ATbar de la Corte Ibáñez, Luis

de la Corte Ibáñez, Luis

Professor in the Department of Social Psychology and Methodology of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain and member of the Governing Board of the Institute of Forensic Science and Security at the same university.

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The Social Psychology of Suicide Terrorism


This paper outlines a psychosocial approach to suicide terrorist attacks. We develop this explanation in two consecutive stages. First, we offer a characterization of suicide terrorism from a psychosocial point of view, which involves a critical review of several hypothesis and ideas about the nature and causes of the phenomenon. Second, we address the multi-dimensional dynamic which is inherent to the development of any organized suicide terrorist campaign. We try to answer three critical questions: why terrorist organizations move their tactics to a martyrdom strategy; why individual may radicalized their attitudes at the point to become a suicide bomber; and why people would support suicide tactics. 

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To What Extent Do Global Terrorism And Organised Criminality Converge?


To what extent do global terrorism and organised criminality converge?: general parameters and critical scenarios Despite their differences in terms of motivations and methods, historical examples indicate that terrorism and organized criminality can converge in several ways. Indeed, some analysts think that both threats can no longer be studied in isolation. 

First published by Journal of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies

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