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The Salience of Antisemitism


It is a sign of the times that the study of Islam today, far from being an escape from anti-Semitism, is more likely to be an immersion in it. It is a grim truth that many Muslims denounce even Jewish scholars of Islam, past and present, as insidious conspirators against it.

Full text of a lecture delivered by Prof. Kramer at the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London and published in its "Reports" series (no. 2, October 1995).

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Fundamentalist Islam at Large. The Drive for Power


The nature of fundamentalist Islam, and even the use of the term, is hotly debated. But this debate is largely a self-indulgent exercise of analysts. Within Islam, there are Muslims who have created an “-ism” out of Islam — a coherent ideology, a broad strategy, and a set of political preferences. They do not defy definition. They defy the world. 

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