ATbar Litvak, Meir (Dr.)

Litvak, Meir (Dr.)

Meir Litvak (PhD Harvard 1991). Associate Professor at the Department of Middle Eastern History; Director of the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies and Principal Research Fellow at the Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Fields of expertise: Modern Shi‘i and Iranian History and modern Islamic movements.

Author of Shici Scholars of Nineteenth Century Iraq: The Ulama’ of Najaf and Karbala’ (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1998); Co-author, From Empathy to Denial: Arab Responses to the Holocaust (New York: Columbia University Press, 2009). Co-author, Iran: from a Persian Empire to an Islamic Republic (Tel Aviv: Open University of Israel Press, 2014, Hebrew); Editor, Palestinian Collective Memory and National Identity (New York: Palgrave-McMillan, 2009); Editor, Middle Eastern Societies and the West: Accommodation or Clash of Civilizations? (Tel Aviv: Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies, 2007); Co-editor, Religious Fanaticism (Jerusalem: Zalman Shazar Center, 2007, in Hebrew); Editor, Palestinian Collective Memory and National Identity (New York: Palgrave-McMillan); Co-editor, The Sunna and Shi‘a in History Division and Ecumenism in Islam: (New York: Palgrave-McMillan, 2011). His most recent publication edited with Dr. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman is Nationalism, Identity and Politics: Israel and the Middle East - Studies in Honor of Prof. Asher Susser (Tel Aviv: Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies, 2014, English and Hebrew). Co-Editor with Meir Hatina, Concepts of Martyrdom in Modern Islam: Social and Political Settings (London: I.B. Tauris, forthcoming)

Published articles on modern Shi‘i and Iranian history as well as on modern Islamic movements.

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The Palestine Islamic Jihad - Background Information


The Islamic Jihad’s ideology blended Palestinian nationalist ideas with themes drawn from three other sources: the ideology of the Muslim Brethren; activity of the militant Islamist groups in Egypt; and the teachings of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Shi`i leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Reprinted with Permission from Tel-Aviv Notes, No. 56. November 28, 2002. The Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies & The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel-Aviv University (

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