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Female Suicide Bombers


The past year has been characterized by an increase in suicide bombings perpetrated by women. Suicide attacks continued to be conducted by Chechnyan and Palestinian women, but also began to be seen in rather unexpected countries such as Iraq. There was also a thwarted attack in Morocco. Moreover, an FBI report expressed concern over the forming of al-Qaeda female units.

This article suplements an earlier article, “Messengers of Death: female suicide bombers.”

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Messengers of Death - Female Suicide Bombers


Women’s access to the most extreme form of participation in terrorism occurs for various reasons, with distinct differences from one group to another.

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Chronology of Suicide Bombings Carried out by Women


The first suicide attack occurred on April 9, 1985, in Bater Al Shuf Jezzin when a young woman, Khyadali Sana who had joined the Party 3 months before, drove a suicide car which exploded near an IDF convoy, killing two Israeli soldiers and wounding two others. She stated that her motive was to “avenge the oppressive enemy.” From the Merari database.

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