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Arrest of Abu Jindal: What Next?


Shri P. Chidambaram, the Home Minister of the Government of India, has been quoted as saying on June 25, 2012, as follows: "Abu Jindal has been apprehended and remanded to custody of law enforcement agencies."

First published in the International Terrorism Monitor --- Paper No. 749

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2010: A Mixed Year for Al-Qaeda and Associates


2010 was a mixed year for Al Qaeda and its associates in terror. They continued to succeed in causing death and destruction in countries where they are based----whether in the Af-Pak region, Yemen, Somalia or North Africa--- but faced one failure after another in their attempts to export terror to other countries.

First published in the SAIR International Terrorism Monitor 

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China Courts Turkey


China, whose relations with Turkey went through a period of tension last year following the Turkish condemnation of the atrocities allegedly perpetrated by the Chinese on the Uighurs in Chinese-controlled Xinjiang in July , has undertaken measures to repair the relations and seek Turkey's support for the pacification of Xinjiang.

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Situation in Iranian Balochistan: An Update


While the anti-Shia elements in Balochistan are in a position to indulge in sporadic acts of terrorism, they are not yet in a position to organise a sustained insurgency, which could endanger the Iranian position in the province.

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Al Qaeda’s Attempt to blow up Plane over US


Commentary on the terrorist attempt on by a Nigerian member of Al Qaeda to cause an explosion in a plane of the US North-West Airlines flying from Amsterdam to Detroit on December 25, 2009.

Paper first published in the International Terrorism Monitor---Paper No.595

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