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Arrest of Hizballah Supporters in the U.S.A - Successful anti-terrorist action?


On July 21st 2000, U.S. federal agents arrested 18 alleged supporters of the Lebanese Hizballah. The arrested were suspected of being part of a ring that raised and sent funds and military equipment to Hizballah in Lebanon, through illegal means.
At this point it remains unclear whether the ring was formed as a private initiative of its members or at the behest of the Hizballah leaders. The extent of the organizations’ actions in the U.S. is also still unknown. However, it’s seems likely that either at their own initiative or by direct request, some Islamist groups are exploiting “The Land of Unlimited Opportunity” as a base for gathering support (moral, financial and military), despite the traditional Shi’ite hatred of the West and the U.S.

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