ATbar Shavit, Shabtai

Shavit, Shabtai

Former Head of the Mossad, Chairman, ICT Board of Directors & Chairman,Athena Human & Technology Integrated Solutions Ltd., Israel

Mr. Shavit was the director of the Mossad, Israel's Intelligence Services, from 1989 to 1996.

Mr. Shavit held a variety of positions within the Mossad for over 32 years, until becoming head of the agency in 1989. He served in "Sayeret Matkal" - Israel's Elite Force, and received an advanced degree from Harvard University.

After retiring from work in the security services, Shavit was the CEO of Maccabi Health Services Group for five years.

Since 2001 Shavit has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT), Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Advisor to the Israeli National Security Council, Advisor to the Sub-Committee on intelligence of the Knesset, Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Security, Member of the N.Y.F.D. Task Force for Future Preparedness against Terrorism. He is also Chairman of Athena Human & Technology Integrated Solutions Ltd.

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Demographics – The Road to Happiness or Doom?

The Jewish people is only second to the Chinese in the length of its history. Beyond this difference, there are a few others to note in the context of this paper. The important ones are the territorial and religious dimensions.
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דמוגרפיה – הדרך לאושר או לאבדון

העם היהודי בעולם, שני רק לסין באורך חייו ההיסטוריים. מעבר להבדל הזה, יש מספר הבדלים נוספים, ביננו לבין הסינים. החשובים שבהם הם המימד הטריטוריאלי  והמימד הדתי. הסינים אתאיסטים (חסרי דת) ומה שהחזיק אותם כלאום זו הטריטוריה הענקית שבה הם שולטים. הדבק שמאחד אותנו היהודים הוא הדת. כדי להיות לאום אנו זקוקים לטריטוריה אבל לאורך ההיסטוריה הארוכה שלנו, שלטנו בטריטוריה רק לפרקי זמן קצרצרים.
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Israel's Supreme Leader Points to the Target, and the Trigger Will Be Pulled Soon


First published in Haaretz

Until the assassination of Prime Minister , we said: It (political assassination) will never happen here. Then it happened and the rafters didn’t really shake all that much. A growing number of Jewish Israelis have even been calling for  who committed the murder to be released from prison. Lest anyone think that I’m the only prophet in town, here is a quote from a former prime minister.

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Catching a Ride on Trump’s Whim


First published in Hebrew on Haaretz

President Trump is not a visionary. Neither he defines goals and conduct an orderly planning process and hones strategies. His decisions and actions are akin to a cowboy shooting from the hip at any target that pops up along his route.

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Stop Fascism

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