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Islamic Radicalization in North Carolina, United States of America


The purpose of this report is to examine Muslim radicalization in North Caroline by applying an empirical and theoretical analysis of the Muslim community of North Carolina to allow for a greater understanding and scope of current and future Islamic radicalization trends in the state. The first section of this report focuses on the demographics of the Muslim population of North Carolina in order to gain insight into the composition of the multi-faceted Muslim community. The second section focuses on the organizational structure of the Muslim community, listing the various Sunni and Shia religious institutions in the state. While researching the religious institutions, certain religious leaders have been shown to be associated with national radical Islamic associations. The third section analyzes four case studies of terrorist activity on North Carolina soil, illustrating the dangers of self and group radicalization. The main conclusion of this report is that evidence suggests that Islamic radicalization is not a severe threat to the peace and security of the population of North Carolina or the United States.

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