ATbar Tanter, Raymond (Prof.)

Tanter, Raymond (Prof.)

Prof. Raymond Tanter, President, Iran Policy Committee and Publishing Professor Emeritus, The University of Michigan, Former Senior Staff Member, National Security Council, United States of America

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Washington’s Third Option Against a Nuclear Iran


Being a nuclear threshold state and a rouge regime is toxic: Tehran is both. Iran's 1979 Revolution instructs its leaders to resist compromises, especially now because they expect Washington wants to cut any deal. But in case there is diplomatic stalemate, it is important for Jerusalem and Washington to delay or avoid a choice between bombing Iran and a nuclear-armed Iran.

Seeking a soft revolution via a coalition of dissidents that rejects clerical rule is a third option. A secular-oriented Iran would be less of a threat than one run by extremist clerics whose goal is to extend the Iranian Revolution to the region, Europe, and perhaps even to the world.

First published in Foreign Policy

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The Rising Insurgency for Sanctions Against Iran


This post provides timely and explicit details of how the sanctions debate in the States links to Iran’s nuclear progress. With the controversy over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the United States to speak on Capitol Hill about Iran sanctions, the post relates to the considerable interest in this topic in both Jerusalem and Washington.

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Cartoons, Dissent, and Human Rights in Iran


Cruel anti-Semitic attacks are “never solely about Jews,” Ruth Wisse wrote in the Wall Street Journal last week. Jews are the most vulnerable targets at hand to destroy the narrative of democracy that despots disdain—free speech, press, and religion. Such images are particular irritants to Islamists because they are threatened by freedom. And as noted student of Islam, Daniel Pipes argued in the National Review, “Images, not words, most disturb Islamists.”

First published in Foreign Policy

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Iran's Terror Tunnels


Beaking news about Cuba and North Korea has obscured equally important news about Iran. It is accelerating support for terror tunnels in Gaza aimed under Israel; rockets and missiles pointed toward Israel; as well as tunnels in Iran designed to hide cheating on nuclear obligations that could scuttle negotiations in Vienna.

Published in Foreign Policy

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Delaying or Preventing a Nuclear-Armed Iran


Presented at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) Twelfth World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, Herzliya, Israel 10-13 September 2012

In discussing how to delay or prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, consider the political system of the Iranian regime and its proliferation activities. The main argument is that because of the central role of ideology in the authoritarian nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran, traditional means of influence based on national interests have little prospect of success. Hence, there needs to be increased attention paid to bringing about regime change from within to avoid a choice between bombing Iran or living with a nuclear-armed Iran.


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