ATbar Rosen, Jacob (Amb.)

Rosen, Jacob (Amb.)

Senior Counselor, Center for Political Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Jacob Rosen is the Senior Counselor, Center for Political Research in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rosen is a veteran diplomat. Prior to his current position, he was Israel’s ambassador to Jordan from 2006 to 2009. His other diplomatic posts include in Atlanta, New Delhi, Cairo, New York, London, and Hauge. In November 2002, he took up the post of Political Advisor for International Affairs to the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Rosen was born in Poland and immigrated to Israel at the age of 9. He served in the IDF from 1966 to1969 and then went on to earn his B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies at Hebrew University. He is fluent in Polish, Dutch, English, Arabic, and Hebrew and is the author of "Crossing the Jordan River: The Journey’s of an Israeli Diplomat" (Atlanta, 2004).

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Counter-terrorism, tracking and transliteration


US President Barack Obama expressed last June his concern about a possible influx into the US of European extremists who’d returned from Syria, taking advantage of the fact that they don’t need a visa to enter his country. He also mentioned that over 100 Americans were in Syria and may return with radicalised views. His statement echoes a major concern shared by almost every country in Europe and the Western Hemisphere. European security sources estimate that several thousands of European Union residents made their way to the war theatres of Syria and Iraq. Australia and New Zealand also have their share. And Indonesia and Malaysia are in the same boat.

This piece was originally published on The Strategist blog of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

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