ATbar Israeli, Zipi (Dr.)

Israeli, Zipi (Dr.)

Lecturer, Departments of Communication and Political Sciences, Tel Aviv University (TAU); The Association of Civil-Military Studies, Israel

Dr. Zipi Israeli achieved her PhD in political communications. Her research focuses on National Security and Media, Civil-Military-Media Relations in Israel, Protest and Media and Political Communication.  She is also a board member of the Association of Civil-Military Studies in Israel and an active participant in research groups and projects such as the Technology Forecasting and Policy Implications research group at the INSS and the Special Forces research group at the Open University. Dr. Israeli is also invited frequently to speak at conferences and think tanks.

Her articles have been accepted for publication in scientific journals such as Israel Affairs and Megamot.  Dr. Israeli’s research has been awarded prizes such as the Ihel Prize for Israeli Security, and fellowships such as The Second Authority for Television & Radio.

Dr. Israeli’s present research interests include: The media image of the Israeli combat soldier (with E. Rosman), regional radio (with Y. Limor), battle causalities in the media and in public perceptio and special forces.

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