ATbar Horst, Frank

Horst, Frank

First Secretary, German Embassy in Tripoli, Germany

Alumni of the IDC Herzliya and holds an M.A. in Government. He works for the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and is currently posted to the Germany Embassy in Libya.

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Towards a Dynamic Analysis of Salafi Activism: Conclusions from a Dissection of Salafism in Germany


This study provides a new approach to the analysis of Salafi movements, which aims to account for the great behavioral dynamic in Salafi activism. It argues that previous approaches to categorizing different Salafi currents have led to static categorizations that could not account for the diversity and flexibility of Salafi judgments, and that ultimately led to faulty generalizations regarding the behavior expected of Salafi movement actors.

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Salafist Jihadism in Germany

This article describes the development of Germany’s homegrown Jihadist scene. It focuses on the two stages, which have to be crossed before a group of individuals can perpetrate an attack: Radicalization, which here means the adoption of a Salafist Weltanschaung and Jihadization, describing the process by which an individual comes to accept violent Jihad as his individual obligation.
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