ATbar Peled, Rafi (Brig. Gen. Ret.)

Peled, Rafi (Brig. Gen. Ret.)

Former Brigadier General (Ret.) Rafi Peled worked in a variety of high level fields for the Israeli Police. One of his early posts was Intelligence and Detective Department. In this position he collected sources of information and recruited intelligence agents from the Israeli/Palestinian sector. He advanced to a leadership position in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip. The leadership highlights of his career were in midland of Samaria, Judea, Ben-Gurion Airport and the Lowland. He initiated and supervised a special management unit to coordinate, supervise and prevent those individuals violating the law by building unauthorized homes and buildings, etc., particularly in the Arab section.

He was the Deputy and Substitute Israel Chief of Police at the Police Transportation Department. His last position was Deputy Chief of the Israeli Police Operations Department Brig. Gen. Rafi Peled (Ret.) earned a BA degree in Political Science from Haifa University, Israel and a MA in Education from University of Derby, Israel. He further enhanced his education through classes and courses in Terror Counter Negotiations at University of Louisiana, US; sponsored by ATA (Anti-Terror Associations) and through the US State Department. He is a graduate of Directors/Leadership course and is currently, a special consultant on security and police.

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