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Herren, Eric

Mr. Eric Herren has been involved with security, low intensity conflict situations and terrorism for many years. After military service inSwitzerlandhe trained Swiss Police Special Forces in several Cantons. He developed new strategies and tactics for high risk operations. 

The operational experience then let him to draw a new concept of interagency collaboration in the fight against terrorism. The interdisciplinary approach of this policy and his knowledge and expertise brought him to participate in many working groups, round table talks and international conferences around the world.

Since many years he was and is still involved in the Swiss law enforcement and Intelligence Community, leading projects on terrorism issues. He is a member of The European Expert Network on terrorism issues hosted by the BKA/Germany.

Mr. Eric Herren is a graduate of the University in Bern/Switzerland.

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Intelligence and its Operationalisation


Intelligence is the main pillar of successful counter terrorist operations. Successfully detected, carefully selected and efficiently processed information, tactical knowledge and the understanding of your opponent puts any counter terrorist organization into the pole position.

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Tools for Countering Future Terrorism


Are we ready to confront this threat? I would like to provoke some thinking in the direction of additional tools necessary in the fight against terrorism.

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Counter-Terrorism Dilemmas


This article was originally written before the September 11th attacks. Much has been said about the failure of intelligence in preventing such an attack on the United States. At the same time, the latest attacks in Israeli population centers have only emphasized the horrifying methods used by terrorist organizations. Are Western democracies helpless in dealing with the evil? One of the main strategies in counter revolutionary warfare is to suit your actions to the tactics of the enemy. Thus, the tactic of “hit and run” has spread from the arsenal of the terrorists to that of the counter-terrorist.

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