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The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in cooperation with the IDC International RadioCounter-Terrorism Today hosted by Mr. Dan Diker.

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Counter Terrorism Today With Dr. Shaul Shay


Dr. Shaul Shay joined the program to discuss Al-Qaeda and the state of global jihad. 

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Counter Terrorism Today With Dr. Michael Barak

Dr. Michael Barak joined the podcast to discuss the latest flare-up on the Israeli Syrian border. We asked Dr. Barak about the Iranian presence in Syria and if they are using Hezbollah as a model to build its Shia militias in Syria.
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Counter Terrorism Today With Dr. Ely Karmon


Middle East Regional Security Situation interview with Dr. Ely Karmon

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International Radio interviews Dr. Ely Karmon


Counter Terrorism Today and Etai Handman interview Dr. Ely Karmon on Syria: Local, Regional, Global Battlefield

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Counter Terrorism Today with Dan Diker


This edition of Counter Terrorism Today is titled Israel and its Neighbours in the Middle Eastern Maze: War, Peace or Containment? This show had a special focus on Russia and the influence they have as a new permanent neighbour in the Middle East. 

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