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Digital Jihad: Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State - Dabiq vs. Inspire

On April 15, 2013, Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev placed two self-made bombs at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon, killing three individuals and injuring roughly 300 more. To make the bombs, the brothers consulted Inspire magazine’s Open Source Jihad section. Of the Islamic State’s 3,000 fighters, two-thirds of them come from foreign countries, an emigration that the magazine’s portrayal of the Caliphate fuels tremendously. Hence, The Islamic State and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s most recent jihadist magazines continue to galvanize support for radical Islam to a degree never witnessed in the past. This research analyzes all editions, publicly available to date, of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s digital magazine, Inspire, and The Islamic State’s digital magazine, Dabiq. It seeks to extract differences between the world’s two most prominent terrorist groups through information that articles in each organization’s respective magazine provide. Most specifically, this paper focuses on the differences between ISIS and AQAP in regards to their ideology, call to action, methods of motivation, outlook on the Arab Spring, and views of each other.
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