ATbar Samia, Yom-Tov (Maj. Gen. Res. Dr.)

Samia, Yom-Tov (Maj. Gen. Res. Dr.)

Research Fellow, ICT, IDC Herzliya & Former Head of the Southern Command, IDF, Israel

Since 2006, Dr. Samia is the President of IC Green Energy, the international renewable energy division of Israel Corporation (Recently split into KENON Holdings) (include 2 startups and 2 operational companies) Total Investments of $160M. Prior to that, Dr. Samia was director and chairman of the investment committees of the three pension funds of the Harel Insurance Group. Earlier in his career, founded YAM-Deshers, a real estate (NYC $25M Project) & Strategists consulting service (Israel, USA, Spain), and served as President and CEO of the Baran Group, (International EPCM Group $300M income per year) the largest planning and engineering group in Israel. Prior to joining the private sector, Dr. Samia was in the Israeli Defense Forces (1972-2001) for 29 years, where he ended his service as a two star Major General and head of the Southern Command. Dr. Samia currently serves as a member of the board of trustees of Ben-Gurion University and at the Israel Strategic Dialogue Center at Netanya Academic College. Among other Pro-Bono and service for the community Dr. Samia establish (1999-2015) "The Givati Family" (A noon profit organization who takes care of the Brave Families of the Givati Brigade), And act as the President of "ZIV NEHURIM"  (A noon profit organization who takes care of the Youth from poor families for their last chance to materialize their future).   Dr. Samia received his BA from Tel-Aviv University, MA in Political Sciences and Ph.D. in Sociology and Political Science, both from Haifa University.

Publications & interpretation:

Over 200 of Opinions & Interpreter Article's in the Israeli newspaper,

15 Years of interpretation & commentary on TV and Radio,

First Book: "From Individuals to a Unit" – 2008

2nd Book: "Leadership in Moments of Truth" – 2014 in Hebrew and expected to be published in English (USA) by end of 2015.


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A Decade of Hamas in the Political Arena - "Check Please"


28 years since its establishment, and 10 years since its entrance into the political arena, Hamas continues to enjoy widespread public support and to cast a shadow on the entire region. This article is intended in part to examine where Israel erred in its handling of Hamas as a terrorist organization, for all intents and purposes, and how it must act in the face of the challenges that Hamas poses. Hamas is the most brutal perpetrator of human rights offenses in the region, between Jordan and the sea. All sides in the conflict would benefit from the replacement of Hamas rule. However, it will only be successful if it occurs as an internal process in a protest by the residents of Gaza. While some may argue that such a step is virtually "science fiction", that is not to say that it is not an option for the people of Gaza.

Based on an article first published in the Jerusalem Post.

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