ATbar Yaffe, Aharon (Dr.)

Yaffe, Aharon (Dr.)

Dr. Aharon Yaffe earned his Ph.D from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Historical Geography. His specialties and interests are: The Christian minorities in the Middle East in modern times, suicide bombers and their religious Islamic motivation. Moreover, Dr. Yaffe concentrates on Islamic terror in South Africa and looks back at the history of the Arab-Israeli Wars from 1956 onward.

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Selective Targeting: Risks and Prospects

The IDF is not fighting an army or a civilian population but rather attacking a series of selective targets, thus any expansion of the warfare front may involve more severe or irreversible elements. This commentary explores the policy of selective targeting in Israel's struggle with Palestinian terrorism.
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Palestinian Terrorism: 1968-1978


The decade between 1968 and 1978 was a peak of international terror activity, of the number of operations, a choice of goals, of daring and imagination, of high level involvement in terrorist activity and in resource allocation.

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