ATbar Galant, Yoav (H.E MK)

Galant, Yoav (H.E MK)

Minister of Construction, Israel

Yoav Galant was born in Israel in 1958. He is married and the father of three.

Galant began his military career in 1977 as a naval commando. He later moved into the ground forces and in 1993 took up command of the Menashe (Jenin) Brigade of the West Bank Division. After serving for three years as commander of the 13th Flotilla, Galant moved up to command the Gaza Division. In 2001 he became the Chief of Staff of the GOC Army Headquarters. Galant attained the rank of a major general when he became the Military Secretary of the Prime Minister in 2002 and in 2005, Galant was appointed as commander of the Southern Command.

After retiring from army service Galant joined the new Kulanu party in January 2015 and was elected to the Knesset. In May 2015 he was appointed Minister of Construction.

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MK Yoav Galant – ICT16

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". Galant notes that there are many actors which the world, and Israel, need to take into account. The split between Shiite and Sunni is persistent, and the defeat of one may lead to the growth of the other, neither of which is good for Israel. The idea of enemies becoming friends to fight common enemies puts Israel in a very precarious position.
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