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Jordan and the New Front in the Fight Against ISIS


After taking large swaths of territory in the Levant, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is now trying to extend the chaos of the Syrian Civil War into Jordan.  Despite its weak military capabilities compared to the Hashemite Kingdom, ISIS believes it can threaten Jordan by increasing tensions in the domestic arena while drawing the Kingdom into the seemingly endless Syrian Civil War.  Hoping to exacerbate Jordan’s already struggling economy and massive refugee problem, the Islamic State sees attacking the Hashemite Kingdom as an opportunity to increase the group’s legitimacy in the region.  In short, de-stabilizing the state of Jordan would allow the Islamic State to greatly expand its regional presence.  This paper will address why the Islamic State wants to attack Jordan, how the group plans on carrying out its assault, and the Kingdom’s response to extremist threats on and within its borders. 

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