ATbar Paďourek, Jan

Paďourek, Jan

Deputy Director-General for Analysis and Foreign Relations (AFR), Office of Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI), Czech Republic

Professional career:

October 2014              Deputy Director-General for Analysis and Foreign Relations, ÚZSI

2012 - 2014                 Official representative of ÚZSI in the United States of America

2010 – 2011                Senior Head of Analysis, ÚZSI

2008 – 2010                Head of the Foreign Relations Department, ÚZSI

2004 – 2008                Official representative of ÚZSI in Ukraine

1999 - 2003                 Official representative of ÚZSI in the Russian Federation

1993 - 1999                 Office for Foreign Relations and Information (ÚZSI)

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The Central European’s (Czech’s) perspective on migration and a threat of terrorism


The ongoing immigration to Europe together with the related fear of terrorist attacks, has almost immediately turned into a hot topic for experts from social, economic and security fields becoming one of the highest priority for political decision makers and food for the media. Unfortunately, Europe immediately started to lose control over the situation. Often, decision-makers use the interpretation of the situation provided by the media, to meet the citizens’ demands. But at the same time, since the media want to sell their products, they use stories which appeal to their readership: if it is hungry for fear and blood, they will serve exactly what the readers want. Otherwise they will be replaced. Much like the politicians. As a result, individual countries lose their ability to keep distance from details and are not able to control the situation strategically.

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