ATbar Sutherland, Alistair (Asst. Comm.)

Sutherland, Alistair (Asst. Comm.)

Assistant Commissioner of the City of London Police, United Kingdom

Assistant Commissioner Sutherland joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 1986 and served in operational roles in Hounslow and Kensington spending time in uniform roles and within crime squads tackling burglary, robbery and drugs supply. As an Inspector he worked at Notting Hill and again at Hounslow leading uniform teams in both Neighbourhood Policing, Emergency response, as well as performing a staff office role.

As a Chief Inspector he served at Lambeth Borough inSouth Londonin  charge of policing operations to deal with emergency response, neighbourhoods, partnership and crime reduction. In 2004, he began to serve as one of the Met’s senior officer cadre in charge of policing major public order events across London including sporting and ceremonial events, demonstrations and the annual Notting Hill Carnival.

On promotion to Superintendent and subsequently Chief Superintendent he was asked to remain within Lambeth Borough having forged excellent community and partnership links with the diverse communities around Brixton, Kennington and Streatham and was successful in continually driving down crime and anti social behaviour during a five and a half year tenure.

In 2009 he was asked to set up a new unit that would take responsibility for the command and control of police firearms operations following the publication of recommendations from the Stockwell Inquiry into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes.  Subsequent to this posting he took charge of SCO19 Specialist Firearms Unit for a three year period. During this time he took on significant command roles at high profile public events including commanding the firearms security and response at the Royal Wedding 2011 and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

He was promoted to Commander in July 2014 and took on the role of Commander for Royalty, Diplomatic and Specialist Protection. He is currently one of a small number of nationally qualified Counter Terrorism commanders and is co-Director of the Counter Terrorism Commanders course. 

In April 2016, he joined the City of London Police upon his promotion to Assistant Commissioner, he is married with a son and daughter and he lives in South West London.  

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Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland – ICT16

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". Assistant Commissioner Sutherland discussed the history of City of London policing, with an emphasis on terror attacks. After describing the wave of IRA attacks and the July 2005 bombings, Sutherland described four projects currently active in the City of London including the 4P project and the Anti-Terrorism Traffic Regulation Order.
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