ATbar Navarrete, Manuel

Navarrete, Manuel

Director of the Counter-Terrorism Centre, EUROPOL

Educational background:

 Superior Course of Investigation ( M.Interior, Spain )

 Superior Course of Judicial ( M. Justice, Spain)

 Superior Course of Analysis ( M. Interior, Spain )

 National Academy General Course ( FBI, Quantico USA, 1997)

 Studies on Islamist radicalism (Centre of Studies of El Cairo, 2001)

 LEEDS FBI (Washington DC, USA 2006)

 Superior Course on Organized Crime, Money Laundry and Terrorism

Financing(M.Interior, Spain, 2009)

 Master degree in Terrorism Studies (International University of La Rioja, Spain, 2012)

 TOP SPOC X Course. European Union in 5 countries. Edición 2012

 Superior Course of International Studies (International Studies Society, Madrid,

Spain, 2014)

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Mr. Manuel Navarrete - ICT16

The session was part of the ICT's 16th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism: "Unpuzzling Terrorism". Mr. Navarrete described the role of EUROPOL and the European Counter-Terrorism Centre in fighting terrorism, claiming that understanding the "how and why" of past attacks can help develop indicators of future attacks. In regards to online terrorism, Navarette claimed that open source scanning helps discover radical content and those behind it. Navarette stated that the main benefit behind EUROPOL is its ability to create and enhance international cooperation.
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