ATbar Dykan, Eyal (Lt. Col. Res.)

Dykan, Eyal (Lt. Col. Res.)

Former Head, Psychological Warfare Unit, Military Intelligence Directorate, IDF, Israel

Eyal Dykan is a retired Lieutenant Colonel. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces for more than 20 years in special operations and intelligence units and became a well-known expert in HUMINT (human intelligence) and Cyber HUMINT. Among his positions, Lt. Col. Dykan includes Former Head of the Psychological Warfare Unit, Intelligence Directorate, IDF as well as Senior Communicator of the Negotiation Team, General Command, IDF. His practice includes intelligence gathering, negotiation, operation support and smart cyber deception.

In 2015 he retired from the IDF and moved to the private sector to establish Alata Group which focuses on psychological cyber campaigns, business intelligence and advanced negotiations. Lt. Col. (Res.) Dykan works with the private sector as well as law enforcement and counter-terror agencies outside of Israel. He shares his knowledge and experience when dealing with threats of advanced crime and internal organizations.


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