ATbar Mann, Yossi (Dr.)

Mann, Yossi (Dr.)

Dr. Yossi Mann is a researcher in the Institute of Policy and Strategy in the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre. Over the past few years, he has focused on the commodities market mainly concerning issues related to the oil and gas industries in the Middle East. He spent a considerable period of time at the Universities of Gdansk and Szczecin in Poland and also attended Oxford University for his post-doctoral research. In addition to his academic background he has taken part in several economic and security projects such as:

Current Position:

2018- Head of the Middle Eastern Division- IDC Herzeliya

2015-2018: Head of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies- Bar-Ilan University

2014-2017: Senior lecturer- Bar-Ilan University and IDC Herzelia

2016-2018: Special Advisors to the Prime Ministry Offices

Areas of specialization:

The Oil Industry in the Middle East

Political economy of the Persian Gulf States

Academic Rank: Current academic rank: Senior Lecturer with tenure


1998-2001: Bar-Ilan University Middle Eastern Studies B.A - 2002

2001-2005- Bar-Ilan University Middle Eastern Studies Ph.D. -2005

Further Studies:

2008- Gdansk University Political Science Department - Fellow

2009-2010- Oxford University- St. Anthony’s College - Senior Associate Member

Ph.D. dissertation topic: Society and Opposition in Saudi Arabia

Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, Persian, Czech.

Academic Experience:

2005-2008-Bar-Ilan University Middle Eastern Studies - Lecturer

2011-          Bar-Ilan University Middle Eastern Studies - Lecturer

2015- The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy- Lecturer

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