ATbar Maor-Hirsh, Sigalit

Maor-Hirsh, Sigalit

Sigalit Maor-Hirsh is a Fellow at the ICT, IDC Herzliya. She is former head of Cyber sub-division in the Prime Minister's office.

She is an expert in cyber-intelligence and specializes in terrorism. 

Sigalit is a lecturer at the IDC and teaches the courses: "National security in cyber" & "Social networks & political changes". Within this framework she researches the reciprocal relations between the new media and contingency politics, in events such as social protests, consciousness campaigns, and terrorism. 
This includes conducting the development of integrating methods of contingency politics, sociology, social media and platforms, and political changes. 


Sigalit is a strategic analysis consultant in Cyber and socio-cultural behaviors and phenomena on the social platforms. Included in this is the building of operational models, the articulating of concepts & action plans.

She holds M.A degree in communication and new media from the IDC.


She is a graduate of the Israeli senior leadership program at the 'Wexner Foundation', at Harvard Kennedy School in 2016. 

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